FINRAN GROUP: Unleashing Potential, Amplifying Success across Every Frontier.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Finran Group is a powerhouse of expertise and innovation, fueling growth across the dynamic Asia-Pacific region for over 30 years. We’re more than just a financial firm; we’re your catalyst for success, evolving from trusted investment solutions to a multi-faceted force driving your journey through three vital pillars.



Your strategic compass, navigating complex challenges and charting a customized course for long-term success and organizational resilience. We empower businesses of all sizes, unlocking their full potential through bespoke consulting, growth strategies, and comprehensive risk management, backed by our substantial resources of over USD 300 million in investments.


Your launchpad for disruptive ideas, regardless of industry. We ignite high-impact ventures, be it tech-driven or non-tech innovations, fueling them from nascent sparks to market-dominating flames. Our expertise spans ideation, funding, talent acquisition, and operational guidance, propelling your venture to conquer Southeast Asia and beyond.



Your trusted steward of financial ambitions. We unlock hidden potential in every investment, tailoring sophisticated strategies for individuals, institutions, and family offices. From wealth management and private equity to venture capital and alternative investments, we deliver unparalleled expertise and personalized attention to maximize your returns.

In addition to shaping successful strategies, Finran Group has made substantial investments exceeding USD 300 million strategically, placing us at the forefront of unlocking growth opportunities. Our commitment to client satisfaction is evident in the trust we’ve earned from over 80 satisfied clients. We pride ourselves on building lasting partnerships based on integrity, transparency, and exceptional service.

At Finran, innovation isn’t confined to any sector. We actively engage in building, funding, and nurturing cutting-edge ventures across diverse industries, reshaping the Asia-Pacific landscape. But our commitment extends beyond just ventures. We partner with businesses of all sizes and backgrounds, from tech startups to established companies in traditional sectors, to unlock their unique potential and drive their journeys of success.

With unwavering dedication and personalized service, we become an extension of your own team, tailoring our expertise to your specific goals and challenges. Whether you’re seeking operational efficiency, market expansion, sustainable growth, or maximized returns, Finran is your compass, your launchpad, and your steward – your all-encompassing catalyst for success across every frontier.


To shape a future where businesses of all sizes and backgrounds flourish, driven by entrepreneurial spirit, responsible growth, and a sustainable, inclusive economic landscape.


To offer comprehensive business expansion solutions, enabling businesses and entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth through transformative strategies.



(Group Director)

Daler, a multilingual force in finance, boasts over two decades of strategic leadership. He excels in weaving magic with fund investments, business development, and client relationships, driving growth through his masterful leadership. A global citizen fluent in multiple languages, his bridge-building skills forge strong international connections, fueling the success of any ventures he champions.



(Founder, Clee Capital and Clee Lawyers)

Terence is a highly experienced commercial lawyer with expertise in tax, M&A, listed companies, insolvency, HNWIs, and project finance. They have advised public companies (ASX and TSX) and served on four ASX boards, bringing valuable boardroom understanding and strategic guidance to our team.


(Chief Finalcial Officer, Clee Capital)

Lachlan Dykes, based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, is currently a Chief Financial Officer at Clee Capital Pty Ltd, bringing experience from previous roles at Poipu Bay Pty Ltd. Lachlan Dykes holds a 2016 – 2019 Macquarie University.


(Director, IOUPay Limited)

AJ is a versatile expert with a background in computer science, specializing in launching and scaling ventures in FinTech, Blockchain, and the Circular Economy. His diverse experience spans IT, mobile media, internet companies, venture funds, and investment banking, with a robust network in govtech, telecom, tech startups, VC & PE across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. AJ’s strengths lie in technopreneurship, finance, investment management, venture funds, investment banking, and leadership in the tech industry, showcasing a track record of creating and scaling successful ventures.


(Director, Finran Pty Ltd)

Driven by a passion for seeing clients prosper, Josh, founder and director of UTA, leverages his extensive financial expertise and seasoned boardroom experience to guide businesses toward success. Supported by a dedicated team with unparalleled expertise, UTA crafts personalized solutions and offers unwavering support, ensuring every financial pursuit flourishes.



(Chief Business Officer)

With over 15 years of experience in Sales, Marketing & Business Development, Shahrul has excelled in the IT and Telecommunications industry, particularly within network infrastructure, cloud computing, and mobile solutions. He leverages his deep understanding of both commercial and technical aspects to drive successful business engagements, develop impactful marketing campaigns, and optimize operational processes. Shahrul possesses a strong drive for analyzing business needs, crafting strategic plans, and building lasting client relationships.


(General Manager, Business Development & Operation)

With over 18 years of proven success in business and operations, Kamal boasts a strong track record in securing high-value contracts and exceeding business development targets. His expertise lies in engaging Corporate, Government, and GLC sectors, particularly within the FinTech domain. He has collaborated with major banks, insurance companies, and diverse financial institutions.


(Chief Finance Officer)

Bringing almost 30 years of experience in audit, accounting, and finance, Frank is a Chartered Accountant and CPA with a Chartered Membership from The Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia. His diverse career spans roles as Head of Group Internal Audit at IOI Corporation Berhad, Group Financial Controller at Malayan United Industries Berhad, and CFO positions at various organizations, including KIP Real Estate Investment Trust and PLS Plantations Berhad. Frank’s expertise encompasses corporate governance, risk management, fraud prevention, and M&A.


(Manager, Business Development)

Asset Turgarayev serves as FINRAN Group’s Business Development Manager, overseeing global functions encompassing sales, marketing, sales operations, and strategic partnerships. With a rich background in international companies like Mondelez International, Procter & Gamble, and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Asset has a strong track record in business development, distribution, sales operations, risk management, and quality management. His role centers on facilitating successful entry for investors and businesses into the Southeast Asia region.


(Head, Business Development)

With 17+ years in payments, Alan’s a data-driven leader who spearheads growth. He secured a prestigious license in record time, forged key partnerships, and consistently surpassed sales targets, all while fostering a collaborative, accountable team. His negotiation skills and industry expertise make him a valuable asset to any global enterprise.

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