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Fund Services

  • Real estate services
    Delivering comprehensive solutions from fund to property levels, we consolidate all regulatory requirements to optimize your business processes seamlessly.

    With a wealth of experience supporting fund managers across the real estate spectrum – from core and core-plus to value-add and opportunistic properties – our track record extends robustly to commercial and retail assets, as well as specialized areas like residential, logistics, and healthcare.

    Navigating multi-jurisdictional investment structures is in our expertise, and our collaborative approach ensures a thorough understanding of your business needs. By taking charge of day-to-day activities, we empower you to focus on your core business functions.

    Our real estate investment services are tailored to meet intricate fund reporting and compliance requirements, including the imperative for enhanced ESG transparency to investors. Over the last decade, we’ve honed technologies and processes to conquer these complexities, ensuring reliable and timely reporting that stands as a testament to our commitment to your success.

  • Private debt services

    Finran delivers a comprehensive suite of services to bolster your presence in the private debt arena, standing unrivaled with our expansive global network of in-house experts.

    Functioning as an independent, third-party fund administrator, our dedicated teams on the ground provide adaptable and tailored solutions for all your administrative and loan agency needs.

    From the inception of your venture through ongoing fund and loan administration to depositary and investor services, we are well-prepared to guide you through the complexities of today’s business landscape, ensuring full compliance.

    Our extensive expertise spans the entire spectrum of debt instruments, encompassing bonds, structured credit (CLOs), direct lending, and specialty finance. Count on us to help you seize emerging opportunities in regions and sectors where traditional banks are withdrawing from lending, leveraging our experience to navigate evolving market dynamics.

  • Infrastructure services

    Infrastructure stands as a thriving investment class poised to attract an increasing share of capital flows. Our tailored, multi-jurisdictional solutions position you to optimize your business model and stay at the forefront of evolving regulatory landscapes.

    Our collaborative approach is geared towards simplifying your operating model and streamlining costs. By working in tandem, we handle critical operational and administrative tasks on a global scale, enhancing efficiency and bolstering compliance and transparency. This strategic partnership empowers you to direct your focus toward core investing activities, confident that your infrastructure investments are supported by a robust and adaptive operational framework.

  • Technology

    From entity inception and investor onboarding to meticulous accounting and reporting, all the way to the seamless wind-down of each fund or vehicle, Finran leverages an interconnected global technology infrastructure. This strategic use of technology not only enhances service quality but also amplifies operational efficiency throughout the entire lifecycle of your funds and vehicles. Trust Finran to navigate this comprehensive journey with you, utilizing cutting-edge technology to ensure a seamless and successful trajectory from start to finish.

  • ESG administration services

    Traversing the intricate terrain of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data collection and reporting presents a formidable challenge. Crafting ESG reports that meet audit standards demands the application of precise tools and processes.

    At Finran, we offer comprehensive assistance in establishing and sustaining precise ESG reports, empowering you to excel in a world that places growing importance on sustainability and responsible business practices. Rely on us to guide you through the complexities of ESG reporting, ensuring accuracy and compliance with evolving standards.



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