Capital Management

Capital Markets

  • Administrative services

    Our Administrative Services Group specializes in regulatory compliance and portfolio administration, offering fully outsourced solutions to alleviate regulatory burdens faced by issuers of securitized bonds. We focus on addressing challenges posed by local regulations, such as those in Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore.

    Our team is adept at navigating regulatory landscapes and providing tailored solutions for asset portfolios, whether part of a securitized issue or as part of a leveraged financing structure. By streamlining administrative processes and ensuring compliance with local regulations, we aim to support the success of our clients in their respective markets.

  • Agency services

    With a dedicated focus on Malaysia, Australia, and Singapore, our services extend across all industries and asset classes. Leveraging our knowledge, expertise, and global footprint, we are positioned to provide seamless support to meet your agency service needs in these specific regions.

  • SPV / Issuer services

    As a premier Capital Management provider, we excel in offering comprehensive SPV management services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Operating across a spectrum of main issuer jurisdictions and diverse asset classes, our expertise extends to the meticulous handling of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs). We navigate the intricacies of SPV management to ensure optimal performance and compliance, providing our clients with a trusted partner for their capital management needs.

  • Trustee services

    Our dedicated trustee team is proficient in aiding the structuring of bond and loan transactions that necessitate or would benefit from fiduciary oversight. Serving as the Security Trustee in Malaysia and Australia, we bring extensive experience to the table, particularly in managing Shari’ah-compliant securities issues. Count on us for expert guidance in navigating complex financial transactions, ensuring the utmost diligence and compliance in every aspect of your securities transactions.

  • Deal announcements

    We regularly highlight key transactions executed by our accomplished capital markets teams on a monthly basis. Our dedicated administrative, marketing, and legal teams are at your service to offer detailed insights, comprehensive information on deal structures, press releases, customized marketing materials, and assistance in drafting proposals.

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