Building Future Partnerships: FINRAN Hosts High-Impact Business Event

December 18, 2023

November 29, 2023, investment firm Finran welcomed a delegation of twelve companies, spanning information technology and finance sectors, to its office. This gathering was facilitated by the Moscow Export Center and held significant implications for strengthening business ties between Russia and Malaysia.

The event looked beyond mere trade relations, aiming to establish robust and enduring partnerships. As a key player in Asia’s burgeoning technological landscape, Malaysia aspires to become the Southeast Asian hub for digital innovation. Supported by the Malaysian government, the nation’s strategic digital economy actively promotes startups and attracts foreign investment, positioning Malaysia as a potential digital economy powerhouse in ASEAN.

Recognizing the critical role of collaboration in market expansion, Finran invited representatives from diverse Malaysian entities, including:

  • Local IT companies
  • Representatives from the banking sector
  • Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (Finran’s partner)
  • A representative from the Prime Minister’s office

The business mission provided a valuable platform for participants to raise inquiries, forge partnerships, and explore opportunities in the Malaysian market. Finran expressed its keen interest in facilitating the entry of CIS companies into Malaysia, anticipating their arrival to stimulate healthy competition within the market.

Finran extends its sincere appreciation to all participants and reaffirms its commitment to supporting companies and investors from the CIS region through initiatives like the “Business Relocation” program, facilitating their expansion into markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.